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Unlocking value in logistic


Many players in trucking have tried to unlock true value in the ecosystem but have not cracked the code yet. Technology has been developed and implemented but changing the consumer behavior of stakeholders especially the transporters is a complicated task. More importantly the drivers of transporters would refuse to cooperate and have a certain way of working on particular routes. Due to the above reasons the Industry suffers a high cost due to multiple intermediaries, unorganized movement, lack of transparency, excess asset inventory and an obvious demand-supply gap. This compiled with infrastructure issues, curfew limits result in huge traffic congestion, inefficiency in the port ecosystem.  Inspite of the above challenges, we at Gocon have decided to solve with the tools that technology has to offer. We intend to create a specialised platform to empower the transporters for maximum utilization of their asset by offering them loads at their preferred route in case of less volume. This helps them achieve their monthly revenue target for their trailer ; to push this endeavor we are launching on 15th August our Transporter mobile application which is integrated with WhatsApp for transporters to notify them about the cargo availability on their preferred route. This application has a simple user interface, open bids of cargo availability, rate acceptance or modification feature. Our current user base is towards EXIM movement in JNPT, Mundra port, Kolkata Port among other locations.
We earnestly request all our transporter vendors and friends to download the mobile application for more revenue, easier payment settlement and better load opportunities. 
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