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Technology for Growth of Logistics is the Key to Success of the Industry – GOCON

Technology for growth of Logistics

Founder of Logistics Start-up GOCON and director of Roadwings Western Pvt ltd Attended one week Executive Course in the field of Logistics at IIM-A organised by Mahindra.

His key observation is that implementation of technology for growth of Logistics is the key to success of the industry

  1. Logistics is to be more organised and formalised due to advancement of its technology and thus promoting of a common platform.
  2. Free flow information through digitisation and data building of various companies
  3. Integration of GPS with ERP Software has drastic impact on reducing operation cost for any logistics provider. Service bundling and providing more services on one platform has to be implemented for all companies.
  4. Overall our industry is moving towards digitilisation and more organised. Soon by 2020-25 electric Truck will be viable and operationable. Our industry is on the verge of undergoing drastic changes

He further advocated creating a youth logistics platform for all second generation entrepreneurs enabling them to address their problems

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