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Partner with Gocon for smooth delivery of goods


The Forwarding Road: We can arrange transportation as per the client’s wishes. On aspects such as weight, packaging, dimensions, loading, refrigeration, the client receives our expert advice. We shall select the most efficient route. We offer the full range of logistics solutions, including temporary storage, loading, unloading, packing, marking, etc.
Hassle-free delivery: Ground transport and freight forwarding services, in conjunction with ancillary services, aid us in drawing up the complete logistics solution for the client’s needs. We focus on end-user satisfaction. In this age of the Digital Supply Chain, when every item transported is supposed to be incessantly monitored, customer expectation is high. We can assure the customer that we know the exact location of his stuff, and the states it is in. Naturally, we also know the temperature of the refrigerated container as it passes through different regions of the country.
A complex array of logistics partners are needed to meet the client’s transport needs. Most organizations, in addition to internal fleets, use carriers, freight forwarders, and LSPs (Logistics Services Providers).The seamlessness of the coordination is a given.
To the cost of the sale of a product, logistics can add up to 15%. Speed and efficiency keep the cost down. Delivery is vital to a customer relationship. Failure to deliver hurts our relationship with the customer in incalculable ways.
Customized Service: For meeting your specific requirements, we can put a customized fleet of trailers at your disposal. In order that the delivery is as cost-effective as possible, we make an assessment of your business needs. Our expertise sees us through different stages and checkpoints. We value seamlessness in movement. We take a proactive approach to resolve all potential roadblocks even before they take place.
Best choice: We adhere to planned routes and endeavor to deliver in time, without incurring any loss. Each consignment is carefully planned, and every delivery is perfectly executed. Our quality-oriented approach plans out the routes and coterminous details in full. We are to be found where the action is: running neck to neck with competitors and even outstripping them in terms of performance. We keep in touch with the customer through the use of the latest models and technologies. We have a broad consumer base, which is constantly growing. We mean to extend our dedication to the rest of the market, spreading the word far and wide about the excellence of our services. We offer the best industrial practices for safety as well. Your shipment’s security is of paramount importance to us.
In tune with JNPT: Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) , the premier port for container transport in India, has sought standardization under its scheduled guidelines. GOCON follows a standard freight index fully compatible with JNPT regulations. Following such practices, it is guaranteed that GOCON trailers will find a timely placement. The given rates being in currency, trailers will be available for services, no matter what the season.
We are one of the bulkier players in Nhava Sheva. Our actions carry weight.

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