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Gocon – A Combination of Technology & Transportation


Hard work and technology are considered as two different elements. But those who utilize both of them accurately, the resultant become ‘success’. The exact thing has been done by the owners of Gocon that is a trailer transport company in Mumbai. Walking hand in hand with technological updates in today’s generation proves to be helpful for many business owners.

Offline transportation requires a lot of hard efforts to function all the things smoothly. Those who get unable to deal with different types of things correctly have to face unorganized management. Sometimes truck owners have to face unavailability of trailers at the time of peak season or a possibility arise in non-transparency of data and non-standardization of rates. But Gocon proposes to solve out such types of issues by shaking hands with the advanced technology with the help of its web portal.

About The Company

Gocon is a multi-modal logistics operator stands under the Roadwings Group of Companies in Mumbai. In a small time, this company has managed to strengthen its roots in the transportation sector. The company is attempting for a technological transformation for speedy growth and success. With the help of our web portal,  a good experience to our clients will be delivered and we’ll get able to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them.


* One of the major objectives behind introducing our web portal, especially online transport booking is to deliver a platform where both technology and transportation convene each other.

* We aim to match the precise cargo owner with the truck owner by our online data analysis.

Key Points

1. The company holds a well-built network for transportation on PAN India basis, especially in JNPT region where chances prove to be many and we attempt to let our clients encourage their unit to share the upward opportunity that exists there.

2. The company has attended to involve in the transportation industry recently and successfully managed in making a grip over the sector.

3. We are proud to deliver this joyful statement that the expected turnover by the closing stages of the current financial year is about Rs. 100 Crore that shows the hard work and success of the management.

Advantages Of Dealing With Gocon

For any client, one thing that matters before dealing with the company is about funds. That’s why Gocon ensures its clients for low rates and consistency of the rates. One more crucial aspect that our company makes sure is the availability of trailers all through the year. So if you’re also looking for the company that can assist you with the finest services in the transportation region, we advise you to deal with companies like Gocon.

With all such services combined at one platform, we request the customers to kindly register on our web portal as a shipper for a better experience and it will be helpful for you to let us facilitate growing chances in your favor. It will be a delight for us to have you as our client and we hope that this relationship will bring positives outcomes in the earliest times.

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