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First Indigenously built Electric Trucks to hit Indian Roads.


Gurugram based startup IPLT is going to produce the trucks. 1K trucks are slated for the road in 2020, and 10K by 2021. $100 Mn are to be raised to support production.

Infra Prime Logistics Technologies (IPLT) of Gurugram is going to launch its first commercial electric truck within the next 45 days. Initially, five trucks will roll out. From January 2020 the company plans to produce up to 60 trucks per month.

Keeping in mind the construction industry, the first variant Rhino 5536 will be released. A 276 kWh battery will power the 60 – tone truck, enabling a range of 200 km with load and 400 kms minus load. The truck will have a maximum speed of 90 km/h. The Delhi-Kotputli road already has a pilot.

Own designed charging stations will be set up by IPLT itself. Two samples of 160 kW have already been manufactured, capable of charging the trucks in 90 minutes.

Catching up with Cutting Edge Technology

Mercedes Benz and Volvo delivered their fully electric trucks to customers in February.  These trucks are already in production. It does not matter that they are designed for the short urban haul. The lucrative freight truck market has been under the covetous eyes of Daimler and Volvo. Among the larger companies placing orders for medium and heavy-duty trucks are Anheuser-Busch, UPS, FedEx, and Walmart.


Finding the right balance between battery capacity, weight, and placement, is the challenge facing electric truck makers. A more powerful electric motor with longer range is due to only a larger battery.

Innovative Features

 In place of a conventional gearbox, the current solution involves placing lithium-ion batteries weighing more than half a ton on either side of the vehicle, while placing the electric motor in the middle. Truckers will definitely love the smoother, quieter pace of the fully electric trucks.

The electric motor offers full torque from the start. The acceleration is linear and rapid. Exhaust fumes are absent.

Real-Life Applications

Volvo’s in-production trucks, slated to be delivered to customers this December, are intended for distribution, refuse to handle, and sundry urban transport applications. Mercedes Benz’s trucks are likewise intended for the urban short-haul. These have been delivered to a German logistics company. Both companies’ models have the following in common – on the rear axle are two electric motors with an output of 126 kWh each, 240kWh capacity lithium-ion batteries storing the energy with similar charging time.

Mercedes Benz has found the installing of their charging stations relatively inexpensive.

Advantage Electric

Electric trucks are more cost-effective than diesel versions. They have lower operational cost, being energy efficient. Electricity costs are actually lower than diesel. The high life cycle, however, is yet to be ensured.

IPLT is on the right track. Customers will get their money’s worth, not to mention the investors. IPLT have the resources, they only need the market behind them. Once the trend catches and the feasibility of electric trucks proves to be more obvious than diesel versions’, it will be a win-win situation for manufacturer and customer alike.

The projected use of electric trucks in the near future by GOCON is completely synchronous with our stated Mission and Vision. We emphasize efficiency and zero delays. This is the age of High Technology. You only have to know a little about 5 G technology in order to understand what superb advantages the new tech provides over and above 4 G. In the transportation arena, electric trucks are the wave of the future. They are being built to be powerful. At first, the user will be for the short-haul. But there is every reason to believe that the range and power of electric trucks will keep on increasing. Responsible firms in Germany and the USA have invested in electric truck projects. In India, GOCON would like to encourage the efforts of electric truck manufacturers. We at GOCON fully intend to use electric trucks. We are convinced this would be cost-effective as well. GOCON supports Science and Indian Science in particular. Fortune favors the Brave. GOCON believes the future is with us.

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